Import Used Car

Customers paying the best price can enjoy our bidding service of Japan Vehicles.

Please send us enquiry in order to let us know what type of vehicle are you looking for. For example, make, model, type, color, year or specific require (Wheelchair / Sloper Welcab vehicle)

Our Contact Number: 2802-3821 or E-mail

Once we received your enquiry, we will give you a detail quotation including the vehicle details, photos and the quotation spreadsheet.

we register as the Motor Vehicle Importer and/or Distributor of the Customs and Excise department [registration number: ID 2110]

There are No Hidden Costs of Buying a Vehicle from us, the following costs are listed below:

1) Selling Price of Vehicle + Vehicle Sale Tax 

2) Handling fee of Auction: 180000YEN ~ HKD 15000 Included:

Handling Bid cars

Auction service charge

Vehicle local cancellation fee

Freight to the Japanese port

International Shipping

3) Hong Kong Vehicle Registration + Our Company Service: HKD 10000 

Terminal Fee

Customs Clearance Handling Fee

Towing Fee

Car Park Fee

Vehicle Inspection*
Vehicle Examination**

Government Documentations Fee

Vehicle Registration and Licensing***

* Need additional quotation for Turbo or Hybrid vehicle in order to compliance with the Exhaust and Noise Emissions Standard of Hong Kong
**Need additional quotation for the vehicle which need to repair in order to compliance the Hong Kong Government’s standard 
***not including the first registration tax, license fee and insurance)

4) Calculation of First Registration Tax

Class of Motor VehicleRate of Tax
Private Cars
1. on the first $150,00040%
2. on the next $150,00075%
3. on the next $200,000100%
4. on the remainder115%

Click here for the guidelines for importation and registration of motor vehicle 

Customers need to pay 50% of the vehicle selling price as the deposit, we will ensure received deposit before the bidding.

 After the bidding, we will start to ship the vehicle, customer need to pay the remaining 50% price of the vehicle before the vehicle leave the Japan’s port.

If we fail to win the auction, we will have a HKD$500 as the service fee.